i was awake way too early thinking about various problems at hand. i didn’t manage to shut my brain down in time by counting backwards from 10 over and over again which often works but i was too late — it was john cage time and when the brain is going full bore there is only possible option : coffee.

but on the upside by 09:06 i had sent off a proposal to affirm press in australia for a book, together with the opening chapter. this came about because affirm asked me for an endorsement for a book they are publishing. i’ve never been asked for an endorsement before and had nearly marked it spam before noticing that it came via the publisher of my first book, scribe.

so i had a look at the book they sent me and i said i’d be happy to do an endorsement. it is kind of amusing to me that anyone could think that my saying, this is a great book! would help sales, but look out for it, it’s called after the worst has happened’ by richard gosling. it will have my name on the front. or the back. or somewhere :)

not one to miss an opportunity i asked if they’d be interested in a book about depression which doesn’t use the word depression. (it’s hardly a void’ but still, it might be useful marketing tool.)

of course they could hardly say no having just asked me for and got an endorsement ha ha but it would be an entirely different thing writing a book which someone has already expressed and interest in publishing, and perhaps working with an editor, rather than the sad and lonely task of doing cold calls with a half-arsed manuscript.

so fingers crossed. maybe a second book is go after all. and i do need something to distract me from all the bullshit around here and everywhere else.

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