advanced care directive

If I end up in a coma or a vegetative state I want to be the fuck hooked up to a morphine pump and a brain-computer interface (BCI) which can take a reading of my brain and control the morphine pump. Also I’d like all the connections to be checked daily by a qualified technician to ensure they are working properly. Thank you very much.

I’d also like the following text to be put on the front page of my website. (At the time of writing this is as simple as putting a file called index.txt into the Apps -> Blot folder of my Dropbox.)


As of today my self’ has entered a state of suspended animation. I shall no longer respond to any communications but if you want to come and sit with my body and talk to me, you are welcome. Tell me anything. You may read to me also. I am also happy to listen to any songs marked with at least one star in my iTunes music library. My executors are authorised to publish in any way they see fit any of my writings including my journals, in the unlikely event that anyone is interested in reading them.

As you were.

Sunday, August 27, 2017