If you are thinking of inviting me and covering my travel expenses, here are some things to bear in mind:

Air travel : For ethical/ecological reasons, I prefer to avoid air travel (especially on budget airlines) if viable alternatives exist, e.g. train/ship. Unfortunately this is often more expensive and it almost always takes longer, but I actually prefer taking longer to get somewhere. It's often more interesting and usually less dehumanising.

Accommodation : I am not being a prima donna but my days of couch surfing etc are definitely over. It doesn’t have to be luxury accommodation but unfortunately for an ageing insomniac with a bad back and a hypersensitive digestive system, a hotel room with an ensuite bathroom (which has a working drain) and wifi is a prerequisite for travelling anywhere. And, as I find performing/public speaking/doing posthumanist therapy exhausting, I am unlikely to be up for sightseeing, socialising or small talk and I need to be able to go to a private space and decompress.

Sustenance : I eat simple vegetarian food so the sustenance costs are usually minimal, especially if I can stay in accommodation with some basic kitchen facilities.

So. You could be looking at a travelling/accommodation budget of around €/£4-500, within Europe, depending on how many days you want me to be there. Sorry if the costs make it impossible and but there it is. If your budget includes a speakers fee or consultation fee I am happy to put this towards travel expenses if it helps.

Ways to generate money: If I am there for two days I can do 6 individual sessions, so if you can find six people prepared to pay, say, 85 for a session, you’ve got it covered. And/or I can do a group session/talk/performance and you can charge people for entry and depending on your venue costs you might be able to finance part of the costs that way.

Other possibilities: Gigs come up in various places from time to time where the main travel costs are already paid for. Or sometimes there are other people looking to bring me over who also only have limited funding and you may be able split some of the costs with them. So do let me know if you’re interested in inviting me but you have a minimal budget and I’ll keep it in mind.