johannes klabbers : conversations

For Richard Rorty (may I call him a postphilosopher?) who died in 1997, it is not language or culture - or, for that matter, philosophy - but conversation that is humanity’s driving force. The point is to have the conversation, and to be having the conversation.

I am available for conversations (which may have a therapeutic effect) with individuals, couples, families, groups, and organisations - and for public conversations/talks/performances.

What is undertaken in the conversation (with another, with oneself, with the very pursuit of conversation) is the ever-renewed relationship of speech to the infinity of meaning that shapes its truth.
Maurice Blanchot by Jean-Luc Nancy

I am currently living and working in The Netherlands but I am happy to travel anywhere if the expenses are reimbursed. Please read this page if you're thinking of inviting me. It is also possible to have remote conversations via Skype/FaceTime.

I charge no fees, but since there is a cost to living, I am not in a position to refuse donations.

To make an appointment, get in touch..



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